A downloadable Artgame

Digital Boy V1 represents the first game project by Bristol Artist Lyle Anderton.
The work was shown as part of the Spike Island Open Studios Weekend 2016.

10 - 15 Minutes Playtime
Play using Mouse and Keyboard or a USB Xbox 360 Controller.

For updates about Digital Boy V2 (Release June 2018), follow on Twitter or Instagram:

"We're living in a digestive tract, slowly turning to shit.
My biggest fear is rejection, my biggest fear is that someone can receive my creation and be dis-interested.
I am therefore at the mercy of consumption, I must prostrate and succumb to its demands.
Consumption of idea, consumption of art, consumption of entertainment.
I must dumb down the work, in order for it to be consumed.
I become dumbed down, because I am both surrounded by and compelled to create DIGESTABLE artwork.
We are in the tract, and by the time we leave, we will be shit.
We are all digital boys."

Install instructions

Download and open either the Windows or Mac OSX folder accordingly.

Windows Users can plug in a USB wired Xbox 360 Controller as an alternative to Keyboard and Mouse.

Unless you are confident in your Computer/Laptop's operating power, select the Fastest Graphics Option upon opening the game.


Digital Boy V1.zip 383 MB

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